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Free Phone Consultation

All of your options will be discussed and any questions or concerns you might have will be answered. Euthanasia decision, quality of life and signs of suffering will be addressed.


In-Home Euthanasia

An option for those who want to say goodbye to their pets in a warm and familiar environment surrounded by loved ones. We ensure that the experience is as seamless and comfortable as possible.

To minimize stress, special medications are used to to sedate your pet prior to giving the final injection. These medications relax, alleviate pain and cause a deep anesthetic sleep.

After your pet is very sedate, the final injection is given. This is an overdose of another sedative, which results in a painless and peaceful passing.


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After Care

Among the options available, we offer communal cremation, individual cremation, as well as other services such as private viewing and attended cremation. 

Please call us at 201-515-3350
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