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In-Home Euthanasia Services

Our in-home pet euthanasia

services include:

  • A discussion about your concerns, thoughts, or questions surrounding in-home euthanasia.

  • To minimize stress, special medications are used to sedate your pet prior to giving the final injection. These medications relax, alleviate pain, and cause a deep anesthetic sleep.

  • After your pet is adequately sedated, the final injection is given. This is an overdose of another sedative.  Which results in a painless and peaceful passing.

  • Memorial keepsakes are available upon request:

  •      clay paw print

  •      ink prints

  •      special urns

  •      jewelry 

  •      lock of fur

  • Transportation for cremation, if selected

Cat on Green

Appointment Information

  • We do our best to answer all questions during our phone consultation.

  • Before Dr. Bongiovanni arrives,  a full phone consultation is available to alleviate any concerns. Once the veterinarian arrives, any further questions can be addressed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way - everything will be done at a pace to put you and your pet at ease.

  • Once your pet has passed, if needed, feel free to spend time with your pet. 

  • When handling transportation for cremation, Dr. Bongiovanni will gently transport your pet.

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