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Cremation & Aftercare

The aftercare of your pet’s remains are very personal and a decision that only you can make.


Here are four options to choose from:​
​If you select cremation, Dr. Bongiovanni will carefully transport your pet after they pass.​


Private Cremation

Each pet is privately cremated so that you receive back all of your pet and only your pet. Your pet's cremation will be returned to you in a cherry wooden urn.  If you prefer, a permanent urn is available at the time of the appointment.​


Attended Cremation

Your presence at the time of cremation is welcomed and can be scheduled.

Communal Cremation

Your pet is cremated simultaneously with other pets. The remains are not returned, but are gently scattered.


Formal burial of your pet is available including casket and granite marker. A deed restriction and maintenance fees ensure the continuation of the cemetery. Further details can be with Dr. Bongiovanni.

Smaller plots are available to accommodate cremains and a granite marker. This provides a permanent resting place for your pet.



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